The wiki officially turns one year old! On August 12, 2018, of 5:10 P.M (EST), I created this wiki! From the old days to the new days, things have changed on the wiki over time. From the very small stubs, to the big pages, we accomplished so much!

We will have a big party from 12:00 P.M (EST) to 12:00 A.M (EST).

If you need help with your time zone, let us know!

Now, what are we going to accomplish? Things like Storyboard pages, Codename Stock Art, and all things missed in the previous announcements will be released! The official Club SpongeBob Wiki twitter will get another update!

Now let’s explain some of the updates.

  • Codename Stock Art has been renamed to Project Stock Art as it is in the BETA stage.
  • Coming soon, will be a new game, similar to Battle of the Seasons! An update will come really soon!
  • Alter-egos sections: Take SpongeRobert for example. He is the alter-ego of SpongeBob. Note that SpongeBoy and Bob the Sponge, are not alter-egos. They are prototypes of “SpongeBob”.
  • August 13 and August 14 will be the extended period of the one year celebration of the Club SpongeBob Wiki!
  • We are updating the background for the Club SpongeBob Wiki. Submit backgrounds before September 14!
  • I will be expanding lots of pages! From the Trivia from the SpongeBob episodes, and the artwork from SpongeBob, it will all be expanded.
  • The unneeded stuff in CSB pages will be deleted! From the unneeded categories, and much more, it will all be deleted!
  • Next up, Project Remove Stub, Project Remove Stub, originally known as Project A, and also known as Project RS is a project to remove article stubs. How will do it? Step A: Working on articles: Add useful trivia to pages, add synopsis to pages, remove useless data, add more sections to pages. Step B: Fixing grammar: To make the user understand the page, you can fix the grammar to pages! Fix the misspelled words, and add extra words if needed. Step C: Make great pages: To make great pages, make sure it has great grammar, and a good amount of data, add some info and make sure it makes sense. Now there are lots of more steps, but these are the main steps.
  • What’s next? Add suggestions below! There are lots of unannounced stuff, and we will continue to add more stuff on the Club SpongeBob Wiki! So, are you ready? Aye aye captain!
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